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Denver Chimney Safety Inspections

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Chimney Safety Inspections

Is your chimney safe? Because it looks okay on the outside is no guarantee that it is safe on the inside.

Most of our safety inspections are basic visual inspections. We can also offer more detailed video inspections of chimney flues if that is needed. An inspection is done to determine if there are any obvious safety issues, building code violations or structural problems with a chimney.

Here are the most common things that we take a look at when inspecting a fireplace and chimney:


Denver chimney sweeping

1. Is the chimney being used currently?
2. Is there evidence that it’s been used and draws well?
3. Are there smoke stains above the fireplace opening?
4. Are there loose or missing bricks or mortar in the firebox?
5. Is there a heave creosote build-up in the firebox and flue?
6. Is the creosote easily cleaned out or has it turned to tar or glaze?
7. Is there a damper to close the flue?
8. Does it the damper work properly and shut completely?
9. Are there combustibles that are too close to the fireplace or stove?
10. Is there an adequate hearth and other protection?
11. Are there proper clearances between the stove, stove pipes and the walls and ceiling?
12. What is the condition of the flue?
13. Is there a flue lining?
14. Are there cracks or poor mortar joints within the flue?
15. Are terracotta clay tiles cracked, damaged or missing?
16. What does the brickwork look like?
17. Are there loose bricks or mortar?
18. Is the mortar deteriorated?
19. Are there any stains or discoloring on the outside of the chimney?
20. Is there stained or ruined plaster around the chimney in the house?
21. What does the flashing look like?
22. Is there any evidence of water leaking into the house?
23. Is the chimney at least 3’ tall and 2’ higher than any structure within 10 feet?
24. Is the chimney crown cracked or deteriorated?

25. Is there any evidence of animals or birds living in the chimney?
26. Is there a proper chimney cap?
27. Is there anything else that just doesn’t look right?

Is your chimney safe – or not? Find out!


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